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I am currently exploring different ways on how to make a financially sustainable project without hurting its integrity and relying 100% on user donations. Funds collected will help to secure the future of, enable to host privacy related services and forward donations to fundamentally important privacy related projects like the Tor Network for example.


In my opinion the best way. Already listed (commercial, freemium, paid) tools or services have the opportunity to officially support and will receive an honorable mention visible right at the bottom of the categories menu. Benefit: No added entry of a tool that would have not made its way otherwise on the list. No example yet.


Every sponsorship of a privacy related commercial product needs to be pre approved. This way the quality of the website content won't suffer from bad recommendations. The only sponsorship of so far is the service "" click here to view the example. To avoid confusion, these entries will be clearly marked as a sponsored entry. Please reach out to me on Twitter to discuss a possible sponsorship for your privacy related product or service.

Affiliate Programs

I will make this very clear: No tool or service will be added here just because an affiliate program is offered. Only existing entries are affected, clearly marked and are designed for commercial services that gained an entry already on independently from the existance of an affiliate program. This method will ensure that the quality of recommendations on wont be affected. Examples can be found here.

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Your Cyrpto donations for Pizza, Coffee and Beer are highly appreciated.